Appendix No. 4
to the User Agreement

Guidelines on Combating Breaches

Guidelines on Combating Breaches

Anti-violation recommendations can help you successfully deal with conflicts you may face at Nutson. We hope you will find a suitable solution.

What you can do:

If you see inappropriate Content at Nutson, please determine its context. Many people use our Platform in a Nutson-specific way. If something goes beyond the context, this can result in misunderstandings. Please check hashtags related to the Content. Perhaps, the post is a part of a trend or may relate to something that is not obvious. To understand the situation, please check all information related to the post or the entire profile of the person who posted it.

Think before commenting. If you are involved in a dispute in the Comments, please consider what your next post might result in. While it is always tricky, stalking can make the unwanted behavior worse and encourage the other person to continue to behave aggressively.

Block! If you receive unwanted Comments from another user, it is recommended that you block that person. People who insult others often lose interest when they understand that you will not answer them or that they will no longer be able to communicate with you.

If the dispute or insults continue. The best answer in a dispute is a calm discussion or a refusal to argue. However, some situations require additional actions. The following tips in this section are recommendations for getting help.

Contact those you trust. When it comes to negative or harmful interactions, contacting the loved ones for advice can help. Communicating a trouble to a family member or a close friend can often help you figure out how to cope with a situation or to express your emotions so you can move on.

Complain. Be sure to read the Platform Rules. If you have read and believe that some account violates one or more of the rules, please report the violation to us using the application function of sending complaints. This is the fastest way to report insulting posts or profiles. Please provide all necessary information in your complaint—this will help to consider your trouble as soon as possible.

Nutson deletes only those accounts and posts that violate the Agreement and other terms and conditions or rules posted on the Platform. If we delete something that is contrary to the Guidelines of the Community, we inform the author of the post, but do not provide information on the User who complained about the post.

In case of danger. Contact your local law enforcement authorities or legal representation. When a conflict can become a genuine threat online or in real life, you should contact your local law enforcement authorities. They can better assess the threat than others and intervene or help you if required. If we are contacted by law enforcement authorities, we can cooperate with them and provide the information required to investigate the trouble.

Legal advice. If you believe your online dispute is legal, please consult a lawyer. Nutson may not provide legal advice or information on other Users, except as required by the current legislation.