Appendix No. 5
to the User Agreement

Guidelines of the Community

Please only post the Content you create or the Content that you are authorized to share. Please remember that only authentic materials may be posted. Do not post any Content you have copied or found online unless you are authorized to do so.

Post photos and videos that are suitable for a diverse audience.

We know that sometimes people want to share nude images for creative or artistic reasons, but there is a number of reasons why such images are prohibited at Nutson. Photos, videos and some digital materials showing sexual intercourse, genitals and fully naked buttocks close-up are prohibited. They include photos of female breast nipples as well, but photos with mastectomy scars and photos of breastfeeding women are allowed. Painting and sculpture nudity is also allowed.

People love to post photos and videos of their children. Sometimes, we may delete photos that show partially or fully nude children for security reasons. Even if these materials are posted with good intent, one may not foresee a purpose for which other people may use them.

Please interact in a conscious and authentic manner.

Help us combat spam. Please do not use mechanisms for fake Likes, increasing the number of followers and reposts. Do not post repeating Comments or materials, do not make commercial proposals several times to people who have not agreed to this. Do not post any Content that promotes, encourages, or makes it easy to buy or sell fake feedbacks of people. You are not required to provide your true name at Nutson, but we do require the Users of this platform to provide us with accurate and up-to-date information. Do not misrepresent yourself as other people and do not create accounts to violate our Guidelines or mislead someone.

Obey the law.

At Nutson, it is prohibited to support and to praise terrorist activities, organized crime and haters groups. At Nutson, it is prohibited to offer sexual services, to buy or sell firearms, alcohol and tobacco products on an individual basis, or to buy or sell narcotic drugs or prescription drugs (even if they are permitted in your area). Poaching and selling endangered animals and parts of their bodies are strictly prohibited.

When offering to buy or sell other goods subject to statutory regulation, always keep in mind that you must obey the law. Accounts promoting online gambling or online lotteries must obtain our prior written permission before using our products.

We believe that threats to post intimate photographs of other people and materials of a sexual nature involving minors are out-of-tolerance. The above list is not exhaustive, therefore, when using Nutson, you are prohibited from taking any actions that violate the law. However, the Nutson liability is limited to the concept of an information intermediary in the context of Article 1253.1 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

Respect other members of the Nutson community.

We strive to build a diverse community with a friendly attitude towards each other. We delete any materials that contain genuine threats or hostile speech that are intended for humiliating or insulting certain people, and that contain personal information that is intended for blackmailing or harassing or repeated unsolicited messages. As a rule, we allow critical discussion of people who appear in the news or have a large audience of fans because of their profession or occupation.

It is inadmissible to call for violence or harassing people based on their race, ethnic or national origin, sex, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, disease or disability. We may permit the posting of hostile speech if this is done in order to raise awareness or to combat it. In such cases, we ask you to clearly express your intentions.

Serious threats to jeopardize public and personal safety are prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, specific threats of physical harm, robbery, vandalism or other financial damage. We consider complaints carefully and weigh many factors to determine whether the threat is genuine.

Be friendly in the community and do not propagate self-harm.

Encouraging or calling for self-harm is contrary to our community ideas, so we delete such posts or accounts if we receive complaints about them.

Be careful when sharing information on important events. We understand that many people use Nutson to share important and posting-worthy events. Some of them involve images. Nutson is used by people of different age groups, so we may delete videos with hard to perceive scenes of violence. Nutson must remain suitable to everyone. Posting images for sadistic pleasure or to celebrate violence is prohibited.

Please help us strengthen our community. If you believe that the materials you have seen violate the Guidelines, please help us by using the special form. Our team considers all complaints and strives to delete any materials that do not comply with our Guidelines as soon as possible. Please try to provide as much information as possible, such as links, usernames and descriptions of the materials, so that we can find them and consider your complaint as soon as possible. We may delete entire posts if the images or captions they contain are contrary to our Guidelines.

You may find materials that you dislike but that do not violate our Guidelines of the Community. In this case, you can unsubscribe or block the person who posted them. If you do not like a Comment to one of your posts, you may delete it.

If someone posted your photo or video without your permission, please file a copyright infringement complaint. If you believe someone infringes your trademark rights, please file a respective complaint.

We may contact law enforcement authorities if we believe that there is a risk of physical harm or a threat to public safety.